Dr. Maryam Samadi (postdoc)

She Studies the dynamical structure of accretion discs, especially advection dominated one in the presence of a/symmetrical magnetic fields and outflows. She also investigates the effects of gas pressure and outflow in radiation pressure-supported discs, spherical accretion when the radiation pressure and gas pressure both become important and dynamics of clumps placed in advection-dominated accretion flows (ADAFs) around black holes.

Dr. Asiyeh Habibi (postdoc)

She works on structure of ADAFs in general. Outflow is one of the most important phenomena in the ADAFs structure. The origin and the physics of outflow have not been understood completely yet. There are some mechanism which can explain the existence of outflow in accreting systems. For example magnetic fields, thermal conduction and advection of entropy. She employs Fourier analysis to investigate outflow structures in accreting system. This approach resolves several technical restrictions of other numerical methods.

Narjes Shahamat (PhD student)

She studies neutrino-dominated accretion flows (NDAFs) as my PhD student. These hyperaccreting flows are considered as the central engine of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). In addition to many other physical aspects of these engines, such hot and dense discs are strongly affected by the intensified magnetic field, generated during the early accretion process. On the other hand, the highly dense nature of NDAFs proposes self-gravity as an effective factor on the disc’s evolution, especially via fragmentation process. These two features may also influence the late time evolution of the disc, e.g. X-ray flares. She tries to take such effects into account and probe their impact, besides another physical aspects supposed for GRB’s central engines, on both structure and evolution of these neutrino-cooled accretion flows.

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseinirad (postdoc)

He studies gravitational instability of filamentary molecular clouds in non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD).

Dr. Seyede Akram Yaghouti (Former PhD student)

She Studies the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in the Orion nebula, in the presence of the radiation pressure.

Zahra Afkanpour (PhD student)

She works on Bondi solutions of spherically symmetric accretion. She improves Bondi solutions by considering the effect of radiation pressure and also the radiation field of central object, if it shines. She also investigates the effect of self-gravitation on Bondi accretion.

Seyede Tahere Kashfi (PhD student)

She works on the observational radiative output of ADAFs. To do that, she follows a simplified method for study the structure of ADAFs. By this method, the resultant profiles, have a good agreement with global solution that are obtained by multi-point boundary value problem. She also uses this approach to study ADAFs with outflow, ADAFs with large scale magnetic field and slim discs.

Farideh Abdolghafoorian (MSc student)

She tries to add the effect of thermal and radiation pressure on spherical accretion. Hermann Bondi solved this problem without radiation pressure and others solved it with radiation pressure but ignored thermal pressure, while both of these types of pressure are important in various luminosities and gas densities. ‎